The TALABAYA story is a story of two seemingly different women: a fashion designer and a client with a very specific request. They met in 2015 as Lucie was moving to Saudi Arabia, and needed to update her Brussels-styled wardrobe with some modest fashion pieces. Determined to master also this fashion challenge, Lucie contacted a Prague-based fashion designer, Mirka Talavaskova. Mirka designed a piece of clothing that combined the Middle Eastern fashion with the European minimalist style.

And the first TALABAYA was created.

This collaboration incited Mirka’s curitosity; she has always been attracted to different cultures. Mirka watched Lucie traveling around the Arabian Gulf while wearing her TALABAYA creations, and imagined a collection that combines the elegance of Arab women and luxury materials with European details. And then an invitation came to the first modest fashion event in Dubai.


“Creativity and fashion have been in my life since childhood. After graduating in Fashion Design at the renowned Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague, I gained priceless experience at École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré and at Atelier du Sartel in Paris. This is probably when I fell for the international fashion scene. My designs aim to give every woman the freedom to take creative decisions that accentuate her personality, with an assurance of high quality finishing and luxury materials."

The Fashion Designer

More about my works

“I grew up with an unusual travel lust and awe for foreign cultures.
At 16 years I started
learning Arabic as my then fifth foreign language. Aiming to become a diplomat, I travelled and worked abroad already before my university studies. By the time I graduated in European Integration at the University of Economics in Prague,

I was already working in Brussels for the European Union. I loved how cosmopolitan Brussels was. I have always dealt with the North Africa and Middle East region - working on different policies including climate change negotiations. But it wasn’t enough as my passion really was in the Middle East where I finally settled in 2015 working on trade and business cooperation.”

The Client-zero




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